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As the original commercial garlic seed supplier, we've been helping startups succeed in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique since 1993. We supply you with seed, a detailed growing manual and expert advice on how to start and run your own garlic growing business.

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Four Great Reasons to Start Growing Garlic Now

Garlic is a timeless vegetable that enjoys strong, broad-based consumer demand year-round.

Growing Demand

There is a growing demand for high-quality garlic, both in southern Africa and globally.

Reliable Yields

Garlic is easy to grow and resilient to crop-threatening disease, leading to a high and dependable return on investment.

Broad Market

Garlic can be sold to local traders chopped, minced, flaked or whole, and exporters can send everything produced here worldwide.

Low Capital Input

Your startup investment is very low and you only need a small plot of land to get your business started.

What You Need Before You Get Started

Once you have sufficient land, adequate soil and a water supply, you're ready to start your venture.

Sufficient Land

We recommend you start with at least 600m2 of land. Growth is exponential, so the more you start with the faster your yield will increase.

Adequate Soil

Sandy/loam soil is ideal for good drainage and garlic bulb development, but any type of soil will produce a good crop with the right additives and fertiliser.

Water Supply

Garlic needs no more than 25mm of water a week (400mm per season), so a reasonably-sized borehole is a sufficient source.

We Are The Original Commercial Garlic Seed Supplier

We're With You All the Way

As the first commercial supplier of garlic seed in southern Africa, Garlic Growers is synonymous with garlic seed. With over 40 years of experience, we are in the best position to help you get established and succeed as a producer of high-quality garlic. We're committed to helping small, first-time garlic growers start profitable businesses. We make this as straight-forward as possible with our 5-Year Plan — the original formula for creating a successful garlic growing venture with no experience.

Step-by-Step Grower's Manual

We supply you with instructions and illustrations on how to prepare your land, plant your seed, harvest and store your garlic bulbs correctly. We also cover local and export marketing suggestions.

Quality Garlic Seed

Our garlic seed is tested in registered agricultural laboratories to ensure it's free from harmful viruses that could affect the quality of your crop. The seed is sorted to provide only the best for planting.

Year-Round Advice and Support

We offer free telephone support and are available year-round for questions and advice. You can also visit us near the Cradle of Humankind in Gauteng to experience a working garlic farm.

Contact With Buyers

We are in continual contact with buyers in search of garlic farmers. As a free added service, we refer these buyers to our existing customers based on their proximity to each other.

We Offer Four Varieties of Garlic

Egyptian Pink garlic has a crisp texture with a strong, spicy flavour. The average yield per hectare is 5 to 6 tons.

Egyptian White garlic has a firm texture with a strong flavour. The average yield per hectare is 5 to 6 tons.

Spanish White is a popular variety of garlic with a rich, spicy flavour and sweet undertones. The average yield per hectare is 7 to 8 tons.

Super Giant White (elephant) garlic, often used in the manufacture of crushed garlic, has larger cloves with a milder flavour. The average yield per hectare is 10 to 11 tons.

The Original Garlic Growers 5-Year Plan

The goal of this plan is to start small and grow a sustainable business. This plan is flexible and you can adjust the percentage of garlic you sell each year if you choose to buy equipment, increase your land size or build a dam.

Year Land Needed Plant (seed) Yield (seed) Sell
One 600m2 10,000 50,000 20%
Two 2,400m2 40,000 200,000 20%
Three 9,600m2 160,000 800,000 20%
Four 38,400m2 640,000 3,200,000 20%
Five 153,600m2 2,560,000 12,800,000 Optional

If you sell 20% of your yield at the end of each year and replant the remaining 80%, then at the end of Year 5 you are left with almost 13-million cloves (over 2.5-million whole bulbs). You can either replant these or sell them at the very low price of R1 per whole bulb, giving you a gross lump-sum return of over R2.5-million.


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